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It is indeed a pleasure to work with InterTrade; Customer Service is amazing and the people are very professional and kind, taking all the necessary time to ensure that all questions are answered.

Gilles Perez
Mademoiselle Charlotte Inc.

InterTrade has consistently exceeded our expectations in every aspect of their service... They have become a key partner in Simplot’s logistics optimization strategy. InterTrade ranks #1 amongst our 80 IT service providers.

Roger Parks
CIO of J.R. Simplot

WOW! The ecCatalogue web interface is so much cleaner, easier to use, and pleasing to the eyes. Partner access management is also a breeze - with a click or two I'm able to grant a partner full or partial access to our catalog. I now prefer using ecCatalogue over the competitor's site because of its simplicity.

Valentino Baltazar
EDI Administrator, Seattle Pacific Industries Inc.

InterTrade has responded to our needs in an efficient and professional way. We have grown our EDI footprint since choosing InterTrade as our EDI provider, and have received invaluable advice in our continuing onboarding efforts. Both my project managers and Support team are easy to work with and solve any issues in a very timely manner. I would absolutely recommend InterTrade as they make the EDI process easy from the word ‘go’.

Kristen Kellogg

InterTrade is a true business partner. They have been facilitating EDI communications between Ultima Foods and our trading partners for several years now. Offering a complete EDI solution, they have been able to listen to our needs and always provide a high level of responsiveness, quality and speed of execution.

Francois Tanguay
Ultima Foods

I was expecting your ecView portal to be difficult but was pleasantly surprised. Simple, quick, easy to learn and use.

Steve Thorn
Commercial Timesharing, Inc.

Following our organizational changes, InterTrade showed collaboration and flexibility and immediately presented us with a perfect solution for our new business model.

Marie-Josée Lachance
IT Manager, Groupe Marcelle

Compliance without Complexity

InterTrade offers EDI and Electronic Catalog solutions for suppliers of all sizes and EDI capabilities to become fully compliant with Dillard's.

Focus on your core business and rest assured that your EDI transactions with Dillard's are processed in accordance with Dillard's specific EDI compliance guidelines in the most secure and efficient manner by InterTrade.

With InterTrade's cloud-based EDI solutions, suppliers can easily achieve compliance with diverse trading partner requirements without investing in specialized EDI hardware, software or staffing.

InterTrade is a fully certified EDI VAN and Electronic GTIN/UPC Catalog service provider for Dillard's and an authorized reseller of the National Retail Federation Color & Size codes.

EDI Transactions for Dillard's

001 UCC 128 Barcode Label
810 Invoice
812 Credit Debit Adjustment
816 Organizational Relationship
820 Payment/Remittance Advice
850 Purchase Order
852 Product Activity Data
856 Ship Notice/Manifest (ASN)
860 Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated
864 Text Message
865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement

Additional Dillard's compliant EDI transactions may be obtained through InterTrade.

Learn more about InterTrade's EDI VAN (Value Added Network) and Electronic Document Exchange services.

Product Catalog / Data Synchronization with Dillard's

Dillard's requires all suppliers to publish and share their item information on an electronic GTIN/UPC catalog. InterTrade’s ecCatalogue offers the most advanced technology at the most competitive price so you can sync your product data with Dillard's and other retailers quickly and easily.

InterTrade's ecCatalogue can accept over 500 different product attributes which include full support of the new GS1 Guidelines for Product Image and Extended Attributes.

InterTrade can also host your product images directly in ecCatalogue so Dillard’s and other retailers can have real-time access to them.

As well, ecCatalogue offers 5 Gigabytes of image hosting for FREE!

  • That means free storage for about 2,500 images (at 2 MB/image)
  • If stored at the style level, with multiple GTINs per style, this covers images for tens of thousands of GTINs on ecCatalogue for free!
  • If you have more than 5GB worth of product images, additional storage on ecCatalogue is only $1 per GB.

Not yet an ecCatalogue user? Start seeing benefits now! Register Here

Already using InterTrade's ecCatalogue? Then simply grant Dillard's access to your data by logging on to your account and visiting the 'Manage Retailers' page in the 'Catalog' tab.

Achieve Compliance and Collaboration with Dillard's

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Our customer support team has built a reputation as EDI experts who treat every customer as a priority and will assist you in finding a quality solution for any EDI requirement.

Useful Links

Learn more about Dillard's requirements for vendor compliance as described in your Vendor Information & Implementation Guide: Dillard's Vendor Compliance Site.

To obtain official UPC barcodes for your products: GS1 for Barcodes.

To obtain NRF Color and Size Codes, login to your ecCatalogue account and click on the NRF tab.

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